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  • Air Berlin. EU law precludes taxation of a transfer of shares as in Air Berlin case. Court of Justice
  • Lutz. Combined Nomenclature. Classification of shaping knickers. Court of Justice
  • A. Persons capable of being held liable for the customs debt. Court of Justice
  • Solar Electric Martinique. The Court declares that it lacks jurisdiction. Court of Justice
  • Paper Consult. VAT deduction on the acquisitions from inactive taxpayers. Court of Justice
  • Istanbul Lojistik. Hungarian tax on motor vehicles is incompatible with the EEC-Turkey Association Agreement. Court of Justice
  • Deutsche Post. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Is the customs authority permitted to request tax identification numbers? Finanzgericht Düsseldorf
  • Pilato. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Combined Nomenclature. Classification of hearses. Commissione Tributaria Regionale del Lazio
  • C&D Foods Acquisition. Reference for a preliminary ruling. VAT deduction. Not completed sale of shares. Vestre Landsret
  • Commission v UK. Action. Sale of marked fuel for propelling private pleasure craft. European Commission
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Internationale actualiteiten

Nederland is nog steeds veruit de populairste fiscale...
Governments have dismantled, or are in the process of...
A further step was taken to implement Country-by-Country...
In veel landen kan nog meer belasting geheven worden op de...
Het Ministerie van Financiën heeft het verdragenoverzicht per...
On 22 June 2017, interested parties were invited to provide...
De Belgische politieke partij PVDA heeft een lijst...
EU-commissaris Margrethe Vestager (Mededinging) daagt de Ierse...
Na Apple moet nu Amazon.com eraan geloven. EU-commissaris...
De Europese economie krijgt een betere bescherming tegen...
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