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  • Commission announces new tax guidelines to make life easier for cross-border investors. Code of conduct on withholding tax
  • Léon Van Parys v Commission. Annulment of Commission Decision finding that post-clearance entry in the accounts of import duties is justified. General Court
  • Geelen. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Place of supply of cultural and similar services. Live interactive erotic webcam sessions. Hoge Raad
  • Baby Dan. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Combined Nomenclature. Classification of spindles. Child safety gate. Vestre Landsret
  • P. Plaisier B.V. v. the Netherlands. Companies’ complaint about Netherlands’ austerity tax on high salaries declared inadmissible. ECHR
  • Commission refers Austria to the Court of Justice over the VAT treatment of resale rights of works of art
  • M.A.S. and M.B. Taricco follow-up. Obligation to protect the financial interests of the EU must be reconciled with observance of the principle of legality. Court of Justice
  • Council publishes an EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions
  • VAT on electronic commerce: New rules adopted by Council
  • Commission welcomes agreement on simpler and more efficient rules for businesses that sell goods online
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