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  • Gmina Wroclaw. Transfer of ownership of immovable property owned by a municipality of the state in return for payment of compensation, where the property continues to be managed by the municipality, constitutes a taxable supply. Advocate General
  • X. Dutch fiscal unity regime. Non-deductibility of interest on a loan is a restriction on fundamental freedoms. Court of Justice
  • T - 2. VAT deduction. Change in the factors used to determine the amount to be deducted. Approval of an arrangement with creditors. Court of Justice
  • Agreed guidance by the Code of Conduct Group (business taxation): period 1998- 2018. Council
  • New EU corporate tax plan, embracing “digital presence”, approved in committee
  • Kreuzmayr. Successive supplies relating to same goods. Place of second supply. Court of Justice
  • Speech by Commissioner Moscovici at the European Internet Forum 'Masters of Digital' 2018 event. Digital taxation
  • European Parliament this week: corporate taxes
  • Ivashchenko v. Russia. Violation of right to respect for private life. Copying data from laptop by customs officials. ECHR
  • Skonis ir kvapas. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Excise duty. Cigars or cigarillos. Lietuvos vyriausiasis administracinis teismas
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