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  • Council meeting 23 January 2018. EU tax haven blacklist
  • Wind 1014 and Daell. Danish registration tax. Restriction to freedom to provide services. Requirement of approval from national tax authorities. Court of Justice
  • Stadion Amsterdam. Single supply comprised of two distinct elements. Application of VAT rate of principle element. World of Ajax tour. Court of Justice
  • Jahin. Income from assets of French nationals who work in a State other than a Member State of the EU/EEA or Switzerland may be subject to French social security contributions. Court of Justice
  • Simplification package for small enterprises. More flexibility on VAT rates, less red tape. Proposal for a Council Directive
  • Bevola and Jens W. Trock. Cross-border loss relief. International joint taxation. Advocate General
  • CORPORATE COMPANIES. Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Directive. Business activity consisiting in sale of companies. Court of Justice
  • PANA Co-rapporteurs scathing about removal of Panama from tax haven blacklist
  • EDF v Commission. Obligation for the French State to recover the sum of approximately €1.37 billion. General Court
  • Commission approves Polish investment aid to SMEs in the shipbuilding sector; opens investigation into Polish tax incentive for shipyards
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