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  • European Parliament adopts 5th update to EU's Anti-money laundering directive
  • KPC Herning. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Supply of land on which there is a building. Sale of building land? Vestre Landsret
  • Commission v Belgium. Belgian income tax restricts free movement of capital. Different valuation methods for domestic and foreign immovable property. Court of Justice
  • PPC Power. EU law precludes Slovak tax on the value of sold or unused greenhouse gas emission allowances at a rate of 80%. Court of Justice
  • Medtronic. Combined Nomenclature. Classification of spinal fixation systems. Court of Justice
  • Biosafe - Indústria de Reciclagens. VAT deduction. Retroactive effect of an invoice correction. Court of Justice
  • SEB Bankas. Supply of land. Adjustment of undue VAT deduction. Court of Justice
  • Scuola Elementare Maria Montessori v Commission. Municipal real estate tax exemption. Recovery of the aid. Advocate General
  • E LATS. Margin scheme for second-hand goods. Concept 'precious metals or precious stones’. Advocate General
  • Norway may expand tax refund scheme for seafarers. EFTA Surveillance Authority
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Internationale actualiteiten

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Today, the OECD released the report Additional Guidance on the...
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