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  • PANA Co-rapporteurs scathing about removal of Panama from tax haven blacklist
  • EDF v Commission. Obligation for the French State to recover the sum of approximately €1.37 billion. General Court
  • Commission approves Polish investment aid to SMEs in the shipbuilding sector; opens investigation into Polish tax incentive for shipyards
  • Związek Gmin Zagłębia Miedziowego. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Deduction of input tax. Wojewódzki Sąd Administracyjny we Wrocławiu
  • Wächtler. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Free movement of persons. Switzerland. Exit tax. Finanzgericht Baden-Württemberg
  • Dilly's Wellnesshotel. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Aid scheme. Energy tax rebate. Verwaltungsgerichtshof
  • Holmen. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Deduction of losses in a subsidiary in another Member State. Högsta förvaltningsdomstolen
  • Memira Holding. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Loss deduction. Loss in a subsidiary in another Member State. Högsta förvaltningsdomstolen
  • Commission welcomes the entry into force of new rules to prevent tax evasion and money laundering
  • Administrative cooperation and combating VAT fraud. Regulation 904/2010 is amended. Distance sales of goods imported from third countries
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    In aflevering 2017/03 zijn onder meer de volgende zaken van commentaar voorzien.

    • Commission welcomes new rules to prevent tax avoidance through non-EU countries (Hybrid mismatches)
    • Commission Decision on State aid implemented by Ireland to Apple. European Commission (comments by Hans Bakker)
    • Juhler Holding and Deister Holding. Tax avoidance. Substance. PSD. Freedom of establishment. Finanzgericht Köln (comments by Axel Cordewener)
    • Maya Marinova. Tax authorities may presume that the taxable person subsequently sold those goods to third parties. Court of Justice (comments by Dagmara Dominik-Ogińska)
    • Commission v World Duty Free Group and Commission v Banco Santander SA and Santusa Holding SL. Spanish goodwill scheme incompatible with internal market. Court of Justice (comments by Raymond Luja)
    • Commission v Aer Lingus and Commission v Ryanair. Differentiated air travel rates constitutes unlawful State aid. Court of Justice (comments by Raymond Luja)
    • Mercedes Benz Italia. Pro-rata deduction based on turnover. Italian VAT rules compatible with Sixth Council Directive. Court of Justice (comments by Massimo Fabio)
    • TMD. Supply of plasma of human blood transformed and used for industrial purposes is not exempt from VAT. Court of Justice (comments by Arthur Kerrigan)
    • Lemnis Lighting. Combined Nomenclature. Classification of LED bulbs. Court of Justice (comments by Ton Bendermacher)
    • The Registered Exporter system (REX) (comments by Piet Jan de Jonge)
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