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  • Resolutions on CCTB and CCCTB. European Parliament
  • MEPs approve new EU corporate tax plan which embraces “digital presence”
  • Picart. Agreement EU Member States and Switzerland on free movement of persons. Exit tax on shares. Court of Justice
  • MEPs discuss future EU-UK relations after Brexit
  • Commission welcomes adoption of far-reaching new transparency rules for tax advisers in the EU
  • Agreement reached on tax intermediaries. Council
  • Three jurisdictions removed, three added to EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions. Council
  • Vilches Coronado and Others v. Spain. No violation of right to a fair trial in Spanish fraud case. ECHR
  • Paulo Nascimento Consulting. Reference for a preliminary ruling. VAT exemption. Supremo Tribunal Administrativo
  • Huijbrechts. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Flemish Code on Inheritance Tax. Hof van beroep te Antwerpen
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  • Inhoud H&I 2018/02
  • Inhoud H&I 2018/01
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/12

    In aflevering 2017/11 zijn onder meer de volgende zaken van commentaar voorzien

    • Bechtel. No deduction of pension and health insurance contributions. Progression clause. German provision is contrary to EU law. Court of Justice (comments by Rens Paternotte)
    • Austria v Germany. Concept of ‘debt-claims with participation in profits' must be interpreted as excluding certificates. Court of Justice (comments by Jonathan Schwartz)
    • Commission v Frucona Košice. State aid. Court dismisses Commission's appeal. Court of Justice (comments by Raymond Luja)
    • SMS Group. EU law precludes refusal to refund VAT charged on imported goods when the performance of the contract was suspended. Court of Justice (comments by Dagmara Dominik-Ogińska)
    • Kawasaki Motors Europe. Error in the customs classification of goods. Court of Justice (comments by Nico Ooyevaar)
    • X. Import of vehicles. Adjustment of the customs value. Price reduction pursuant to a contractual warranty. Time limit is invalid. Court of Justice (comments by Yassine El Bojaddaini)
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/11
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/10
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/09
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/08
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/07
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/06
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/05
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Internationale actualiteiten

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Nederland krijgt publiekelijk een draai om de oren van...
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