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  • Resolutions on CCTB and CCCTB. European Parliament
  • MEPs approve new EU corporate tax plan which embraces “digital presence”
  • Picart. Agreement EU Member States and Switzerland on free movement of persons. Exit tax on shares. Court of Justice
  • MEPs discuss future EU-UK relations after Brexit
  • Commission welcomes adoption of far-reaching new transparency rules for tax advisers in the EU
  • Agreement reached on tax intermediaries. Council
  • Three jurisdictions removed, three added to EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions. Council
  • Vilches Coronado and Others v. Spain. No violation of right to a fair trial in Spanish fraud case. ECHR
  • Paulo Nascimento Consulting. Reference for a preliminary ruling. VAT exemption. Supremo Tribunal Administrativo
  • Huijbrechts. Reference for a preliminary ruling. Flemish Code on Inheritance Tax. Hof van beroep te Antwerpen
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  • Inhoud H&I 2018/02
  • Inhoud H&I 2018/01
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/12
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/11
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/10
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/09

    In aflevering 2017/09 zijn onder meer de volgende zaken van commentaar voorzien:

    • Marcu. Request for a preliminary ruling is inadmissable. Question on application of reverse charge mechanism is hypothetical. Court of Justice (comments by Edwin Thomas)
    • Commission v Greece. Greek preferential inheritance tax for bequests of which the beneficiaries are non-profit-making legal persons. Restriction on the free movement of capital. Court of Justice (comments by Katerina Perrou)
    • X. Belgian Fairness Tax. Infringement of Article 4 Parent-Subsidiary Directive. Court of Justice (comments by Alexander Fortuin)
    • AFEP. French Surtax. Infringement of Article 4 Parent-Subsidiary Directive. Court of Justice (comments by Alexander Fortuin)
    • Compass Contract Services. Adjustment of output and input VAT. Different limitation periods do not breach EU law. Court of Justice (comments by Edwin Thomas)
    • Litdana. Application of margin scheme. References on the invoices relating both to the application of the margin scheme by the supplier and to exemption from VAT. Court of Justice (comments by Dagmara Dominik-Ogińska)
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/08
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/07
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/06
  • Inhoud H&I 2017/05
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Internationale actualiteiten

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